Socket Testers

Socket Testers

Product Specification

Used for Pressure Testing individual Sockets in existing Concrete Pipes
No need to waste Water testing the whole Pipe Run, just the Socket itself is tested to ensure its integrity.
Pressure Tests of the Socket up to 8bar can be undertaken.
Supplied in 3 Parts. The Parts are lowered through 900mm diameter Manholes, and assembled inside the Pipe.
Supplied with independent adjustable Wheels used for rolling the Device from Socket to Socket.

Replacement Rubber Seals are recommended as the Rubber will chaff and wear through as the Device is rolled up and down the Pipe. We recommend 2 Pairs of Spare Rubber Seals are ordered at the same time as the Device to save on down time.
Extension Inflation Hoses can be supplied for remote Inflating the Rubber Seals.




Part No. Pipe Size Internal Nominal Diameter Will Fit Pipes With Internal Diameter Minimum Insertion into Pipe Overall length Contact length Diameter of waterway Maximum allowable back pressure Approx. Weight
Metric Imperial Minimum Maximum
STD0400 400mm 16" 385mm 415mm 45kg
STD0500 500mm 20" 490mm 520mm 50kg
STD0600 600mm 24" 590mm 620mm 55kg
STD0700 700mm 28" 690mm 720mm 60kg
STD0800 800mm 32" 790mm 820mm 64kg
STD0900 900mm 36" 890mm 920mm 92kg
STD1000 1000mm 40" 990mm 1020mm 122kg
STD1100 1100mm 44" 1090mm 1120mm 150kg
STD1200 1200mm 48" 1190mm 1220mm 178kg
STD1300 1300mm 52" 1290mm 1320mm 207kg
STD1400 1400mm 58" 1390mm 1420mm 236kg
STD1500 1500mm 60" 1490mm 1520mm 265kg
STD1600 1600mm 64" 1590mm 1620mm 280kg
STD1700 1700mm 68" 1690mm 1720mm 294kg
STD1800 1800mm 72" 1790mm 1820mm 322kg
STD1900 1900mm 76" 1890mm 1920mm 352kg
STD2000 2000mm 80" 1990mm 2020mm 380kg