A.T.O. Inflatable Pipe Stopper

A.T.O. Inflatable Pipe Stopper

Product Specification

Size Range from 300mm to 1800mm

PRODUCT NAME - A.T.O. Inflatable Pipe Stopper (Air Test Only).
Patent No. GB8361283. Registered Trade Mark No. 2299965.

PRODUCT FUNCTION -To create an air tight seal in pipes for a back pressure of 4"/100mm U Gauge, as required by British Standards.

PRODUCT DESIGN - All Pipe Stoppers are test and blank ends with an inflatable outer ring and soft central membrane, 5mm closed cell sealing surface, car wheel type - 1/4" BSP female valve for inflation and lever ball valve for rapid deflation. Pre-set relief valve to suit stopper size connected by 1200mm umbilical tube. Pull out strap with hook and loop strip to attach U Gauge.

PRODUCT POINTS - Totally collapsible, lightweight to handle.
Manufactured to exact pipe size. Nominal bore + or - 6mm. Car wheel type valve for air in vent, on/off valve for air out vent. Manufactured and tested to BSEN 1610 - 1998


Part No. Pipe Size Internal Nominal Diameter Will Fit Pipes With Internal Diameter Minimum Insertion into Pipe Overall length Contact length Diameter of waterway Maximum allowable back pressure Approx. Weight
Metric Imperial Minimum Maximum
871000 1000mm 40 994mm 1006mm 1.5p.s.i.
871050 1050mm 42 1044mm 1056mm 1.5p.s.i.
871125 1125mm 45 1119mm 1131mm 1.5p.s.i.
871200 1200mm 48 1194mm 1206mm 1.5p.s.i.
871350 1350mm 54 1344mm 1356mm 1.5p.s.i.
871400 1400mm 56 1394mm 1406mm 1.5p.s.i.
871500 1500mm 60 1494mm 1506mm 1.5p.s.i.
871600 1600mm 64 1594mm 1606mm 1.5p.s.i.
871650 1650mm 66 1644mm 1656mm 1.5p.s.i.
871700 1700mm 68 1694mm 1704mm 1.5p.s.i.
871800 1800mm 72 1794mm 1806mm 1.5p.s.i.
87300 300mm 12 294mm 306mm 1.5p.s.i.
87350 350mm 14 344mm 356mm 1.5p.s.i.
87375 375mm 15 371mm 381mm 1.5p.s.i.
87400 400mm 16 394mm 406mm 1.5p.s.i.
87450 450mm 18 444mm 456mm 1.5p.s.i.
87500 500mm 20 494mm 506mm 1.5p.s.i.
87525 525mm 21 519mm 531mm 1.5p.s.i.
87550 550mm 22 544mm 556mm 1.5p.s.i.
87600 600mm 24 594mm 606mm 1.5p.s.i.
87650 650mm 26 644mm 656mm 1.5p.s.i.
87700 700mm 28 694mm 706mm 1.5p.s.i.
87725 725mm 29 719mm 731mm 1.5p.s.i.
87750 750mm 30 744mm 756mm 1.5p.s.i.
87800 800mm 32 794mm 806mm 1.5p.s.i.
87825 825mm 33 819mm 831mm 1.5p.s.i.
87900 900mm 36 894mm 906mm 1.5p.s.i.
87975 975mm 39 969mm 981mm 1.5p.s.i.